Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter's Coming

This is a time of reflection. This happens at different times, but some are more monumental than others. I do this most often yearly around this time.

I look to the past to view the path already traveled. The last year has been a particularly difficult one for me. Many unexpected blessings sprang forth with each challenge. I am a different person in innumerable ways. My faith has grown stronger.

I look to the present to know where I am. My goal is to live in the moment whether good or bad. The present is our shelter from the winds that blow. My vision is clearer when I am aware of the small things of life. These are what makes waking up each day worth it. My faith sustains.

I look to the future to renew my hope. The journey is not over until it is. I do not know how much future lies ahead, but I do know who holds it. My hope for the future is to be able to enjoy what time I am granted living in balance and love. My faith encourages me to take the next step.

I reflect during the changes of the seasons. Winter is a quiet time of year; a time of year that can be wearing on the soul. In nature, it is a time of rest from the vegetation to the animals (think bears). Spring is an energizing time; a time filled with joy. All of nature wakes up from the hibernation of winter. Birds sing and pad nests preparing for the families. Summer is a working time; a time of caring for the plants for harvest. The birds care for the chicks feeding and protecting them. Autumn is a time of winding down; a time for enjoying the fruits of the summer. The birds prepare to migrate by eating as much as they can hold. Winter returns and the birds are no where to be found. Now the birdhouses set empty except for the straw hanging out the sides waiting for the birds to return in the spring.

Reflection has no rules or timing.  It just happens. It may be upon waking in the morning or settling in at night. I reflect when taking a walk, relaxing on the porch, or working. The monumental moments are during a crisis; the death of a dear one, losing your health, unwanted changes.

The most difficult part of reflecting is that it demands action. "Okay Pamela, you have been dwelling on this long enough. Now what are you going it do about it?" Faced with this challenge more times than I care to think about over the last year plus, I had to decide. Many times I thought of giving up. I couldn't. I wrestled with it every time. Each time I would decide to take the harder choice. Sometimes it took a long time to fight through the hard days. After the struggle, I was always a better person.

Don't be afraid of the journey. Like our little bird friends, stay in the moment.